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March 30, 2011


matthew wengerd

Woohoo! Congratulations!


Wow!! This is really a good news! Congratulations!!!


Work that bump, chika! You can do anything! xo

Francine Hailman

Congratulations Shannon. Very exciting! Can pass on wise advice as a mom of 4 and twins for my 3rd pregnancy . For the hospital...lots of pillows (mark the old pillow cases with your name on it) usually a shortage, favourite blanket (keep in car till needed). Music of course...I was one of the first to bring music into the delivery room at Toronto General many years ago the nurses & doctors loved it...cd player or Ipod, your favourites of course.

Stuart Young

I maintain that parenthood is THE great adventure. Of all the things I have been fortunate enough to do in life, being a parent has been the best. Enjoy every age, as they are all different and uniquely rewarding!

Fern Lindzon

Shannon, pregnancy really suits you. It's a magical time and it only gets more incredible. I'm really thrilled for you and the amazing journey you're on. And another CD on the way!!!!

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Congratulations, this period is unique in one womans life, you can see it on her face, she is changing, the eye, the look is more bright and smile looks different. Wish you all the luck and joy in the world.

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